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We are an Authorized BAM Dealer. 

We specialize in tuning and modifications to the Bam 50/51 line. 

In addition, we make custom parts for other airguns.

The rifle pictured above was a custom order by Jon Oswald who also did the excellent work on the stock.

It was tuned to shoot 10.6 grain Kodiak Match pellets at 900 Feet Per Second, with a McMaster hammer spring.

It was modified with a Lothar/Walther .177 Barrel, 5/16" Breech Riser, 1 1/8" Shroud, and a Barrel Band for the Shroud.

I will be offering 3 levels of the Bam 50/51


1Pre-Screened - Polish fill valve insides, and Re-cut barrel crown  B-50 = $260  B-51 = $275 (Plus Shipping)

2: Tuned -  Polish the fill valve insides, polish the hammer, install a McMaster hammer spring, adjust the trigger, Re-cut barrel crown and set power to around  19 FPE, or whatever power the customer wants within the limits of the gun.  B-50 = $280  B-51 = $295 (Plus Shipping)
3: Full Custom - Level 2 gun with whatever modifications they wish to have from what I can provide.  This can consist of many things.  Breech Riser, Full Barrel Shrouds, Barrel Band to fit the shroud,  Turn and install Lothar/Walther barrel (or other barrel) in Bam breech, Barrel Band for the L/W Barrel (or other barrels),  De-pinger, Transfer Ports, and a couple of  mods that are still in design or prototype.



Pricing for the parts and work

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